Iñigo Herrero

My name is Iñigo and I am from the North of Spain. After been some time studying English in a language school in Ireland I saw the power of studying with English speaking native. You can learn English in a deeper level. It is not only grammar and vocabulary involved in the study of a language, cultural and social background are very important too. You can learn more and better. For this reason, I have chosen Everywhere English.

Now, after some time working with them I am really happy with my decision. It is not only the benefits of working with English natives but also working with very experienced professional, lessons oriented toward my goals and classes customised for me.  We are working with resources what are interesting for me and in the best way that they can help me and just me, not oriented for any other. We are solving my weakness, improving other parts that I have not notice that I need it and in the best schedule for me.


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