Date(s) - October 19, 2022
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Language around Money and RaisesFor people all around the world, talking about money can be an embarrassing and sensitive subject. To add fuel to the fire, it actually differs depending on the country or culture that you’re in. For those who are working for international companies or discussing payment options with international clients, it can be daunting! One wrong move can change the course of the relationship.


We at Everywhere English want to help you to not make a dreaded mistake and get the best out of a conversation as possible by using the right language and still get what you want.


What’s Covered

  • Asking for the right salary
  • Approaching your boss for a raise
  • Giving quotes to customers (individuals and businesses)
  • Renewing contract terms


All of our workshops are FREE and interactive. To get the best out of them, we have limited seats available. Secure a spot today to avoid disappointment. 

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