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    Business English | The Employer's Corner

    We offer a bespoke English language solution for your employees, which includes interactive, online group lessons that can be scheduled around your time. With highly qualified and experienced teachers, we can cover a range of topics such as, but not limited to: 

    1. Science and Technology (BSc graduate teachers available)
    2. Tourism (Well traveled teachers available)
    3. The Food Industry (Restaurant experienced teachers available)
    4. Marketing and Sales (Marketing executive teachers available)

    This means that the curriculum for your employees will be tailored to your industry and our teachers will be able to cover specific topics that the majority of ESL teachers cannot. We are a business English-focused company, and in turn, believe that every one of our teachers should have an extra qualification as well as a Level 5+ teaching certificate.

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    What's Included?

    • Live Teaching

      Wholly e-learning solutions don’t work well for lots of reasons. Live teaching means that your team will benefit from working on their pronunciation and getting instant corrections and feedback.

    • 24/7 Support

      We are here for your team, even in-between live lessons. All of our learners can contact us and our teachers at any time with questions they have.

    • Study Materials Included

      Learning twice a week is not good enough. To learn a language, learners need to practice every day. We have thousands of materials to fill up those in-between days.

    • Progress Reports

      Accountability is key. Lots of employers don’t know their team is doing! We believe in full transparency and to hit personal metrics throughout the learning journey.

    • Management Meetings

      We love when you get involved! Sign up for free management meetings where we can pivot curriculums and find out what works best for your team.

    • Interactive Classes

      We keep the classes small and only have your team on each live session. This means we can use breakout rooms and stick to the language that truly matters to your team.

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