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Are you or your team ready to invest in your English skills?

Is your personal or professional development being hindered by a lack of English? Do you feel nervous or less knowledgeable when presenting or communicating in a second language? Do you waste time through ineffectual translations, miscommunications, and time-consuming, back-and-forth communication?

It’s time to overcome these communication barriers and invest in mastering the business language of the world.

Being able to negotiate, discuss, and communicate in English is crucial in order to achieve international business success. Give yourself the best possible chance and start learning with Everywhere English.

English Learning Made Easy

Using our hybrid learning approach, we provide employees weekly online lessons with an English language tutor as well as unlimited access to our self-learning hub.

Our self-learning hub leverages data-driven technology to provide tailored materials & resources, interactive peer-learning solutions as well as algorithmic progress forecasting.

We focus on the language that truly matters in business. The language that will help you to understand and appreciate cultural nuances and international business etiquette. Your overseas partners will recognise, understand and communicate easily with your team. This will help you to close deals, negotiate, and speak English like a professional.

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For Enterprises

Looking to boost your business on an international level? Upskill your entire workforce with a tailor-made language course led by one of our native teachers.

Whether you are looking to improve the basic conversational skills of your employees, or invest in industry-specific language training, we can help you. Businesses can choose from a range of our different courses, in order to find what best works for their team.

Find out how our successful hybrid model can assist you and your team in breaking down communication barriers and becoming an international success. At Everywhere English, if you succeed, we succeed!

For Individuals

Do you want to improve your English as quickly as possible? By learning as an individual, with the undivided attention of one of our native teachers, you can be certain to see results, fast. 

Our individual sessions are all about YOU. We focus on providing classes that cater to your interests, needs, and goals. Our one-to-one sessions led and created by native teachers, are designed to produce quick and efficient language results.  

Through our hybrid model of learning, you will receive instant feedback and correction in class, as well as continue your learning outside of class, with provided materials. You will work closely with your teacher, allowing you to explore the language in whichever way works for you.

english learning online for your business
Bespoke English

For Government-funded organisations

Does your organisation provide upskilling courses at a subsidised rate? Let us collaborate with you! We provide tailor-made language courses in collaboration with your organisation and its purpose.

Whether you are looking for courses in basic conversational skills, English for work preparation skills, or even industry-specific language training, we can help you. Government-funded bodies can collaborate with us in order to come up with a programme that best fits their target participants

Find out how our successful hybrid model can assist your agency in designing a bespoke, data-driven language course that guarantees success and improvement, at both a personal and professional level.

Our Testimonials

Joy Cestari
Joy Cestari
I started an advanced English course to improve my language skills at work and immediately achieved excellent results. This is because Trish, my teacher, has planned a specific study path for my needs and for my working environment, where a high level of English is required. If you're wondering if it's worth it, yes it does. Thank you, Trish.
Viktoriia Kyrylenko (tory080)
Viktoriia Kyrylenko (tory080)
For three months, once a week, we collectively studied English with teacher Megan. It was an amazing experience. We were 4 groups of 5 people. Each student was given time. The classes were very interesting and they definitely improved our level of English. Thank you very much from me personally and from our entire team. You are an amazing teacher. We will meet again online
Maiolaine Ariana
Maiolaine Ariana
I really enjoyed English course with teacher Megan. I got a lot of useful information, as well as improving vocabulary for getting a job. The conversational level has also improved significantly thanks to Megan.
Тетяна Чібіцева (Chibik)
Тетяна Чібіцева (Chibik)
It was very interesting and fun! Lots of new information, interesting facts. I really liked the teacher, she is friendly and open. It was fun) Teacher Trish is very attentive, intelligent and always ready to help.
Людмила Мисенко
Людмила Мисенко
I received a lot of new and valuable information during the courses. Teacher Trish is great!
Роман Леонідович Ус
Роман Леонідович Ус
Many of thanks for a very interesting Webinar about living and working in Ireland. Lots of useful information and positive emotions.
Ruzanna Dziubinska
Ruzanna Dziubinska
I really love my English lessons with my teacher Trish , she’s so nice person , she knows what I need from classes , I find myself a bit better in speaking and feeling more confident at work. I will definitely recommend Everywhere English with Trish to my friends👍🏼
Caterina Del Bue
Caterina Del Bue
Trish is a good teacher. I like her lessons because we speak about interesting and actual topics. I'd recommend Everywhere English because it is very usuful for speaking and conversation.

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    Choose the sentence with the appropriate subject-verb agreement:

    What term is commonly used to describe the process of exchanging goods or services for money?