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How to Create an Inclusive Work Environment when Shifts make my Staff feel excluded

Diversity and inclusion often go hand in hand. However, where there is diversity in a workplace does not always imply that inclusivity exists. The key to achieving inclusion in the workplace is to create diversity in the workplace. Equal opportunities should exist for everyone, and not only a select few. It’s no secret that each […]

English Terminology You Need to Know Before Visiting Ireland for the Ironman 2023

Dia dhuit! (Hello!) If you’re gearing up for the exhilarating Ironman event in Ireland, get ready for a true test of strength, endurance, and determination. The Emerald Isle offers a picturesque backdrop for this epic triathlon, but before you dive into the action, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with some English terminology specific to the […]

Technical English: How to Overcome Language Barriers in IT

Navigating a career in the I.T. industry without a native level of technical English is tricky, but not impossible. As the universal language of the technical world, you’re bound to encounter many interactions. Naturally, many of us in the I.T. sector are happy to write code and solve glitches for hours on end without much […]

Sports English and the benefits to your career

Are you the superstar in your hometown? Are you preparing to launch yourself into a career of athletic success?  If the answer is yes, congratulations! We’re sure you’re gonna knock it out of the park.  But before throwing yourself into the world of teams, arenas, and scoreboards, it’s important to make sure that ineffective communication […]

Why investing in your employees is the smartest business move

It’s a common theme amongst business owners and those in managerial positions: How do you show your employees that their work is important to you? And why is it crucial that your workforce feels supported and motivated to push themselves towards success? There are tons of ways to invest in your employees, from promoting a […]

The benefits of a hybrid approach when learning English

The benefits of a hybrid approach when learning English

Are you ready to learn about the best way to learn English?  If your answer was yes (which we hope it was), let us introduce you to the concept of hybrid learning.  So what is it? This approach is simply the mixture between guided learning, i.e. classes led by a teacher, and autonomous learning, i.e. […]