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The benefits of a hybrid approach when learning English

The benefits of a hybrid approach when learning English

Are you ready to learn about the best way to learn English?  If your answer was yes (which we hope it was), let us introduce you to the concept of hybrid learning.  So what is it? This approach is simply the mixture between guided learning, i.e. classes led by a teacher, and autonomous learning, i.e. […]

Why learning English has become important for corporate strategy

Language is pervasive in everything that we do, from routine tasks to intricate business relations. Being able to communicate in an efficient and effective manner is key to streamlining business operations. Without a common language, unbridled multilingualism has the potential to cause all manner of communication mishaps and misunderstandings. Likewise, a complete lack of a […]

What are the Benefits of a Corporate Language Solution

Having a corporate language solution within your company can yield a large number of benefits, ranging from an increase in productivity to a more inclusive business culture. If you’re considering implementing a language learning system within your workplace, continue reading to find out how this can boost your business.   Boost in productivity When language […]

Language courses for your company

Choosing the right English course for your company can be confusing. With so many choices, it can be an overwhelming task to pick the most beneficial service for your team, especially if it’s your first time implementing a language solution in your company. Furthermore, it’s often the case that employees have varying levels and abilities […]

What is my English level? How to understand your own English level

Understanding your English level can be confusing. Perhaps you find reading and writing pretty easy, but you struggle when it comes to listening, and speaking is a real challenge for you. It can be difficult to assess your level when you feel like your abilities vary depending on the task. The CEFR (the Common European […]

Why AI Won’t Replace Language Learning

There has been lots of chat about new AI technologies like GPT and the extent to which they can change the way of the world. This new and trending topic has brought up a lot of questions both online and offline. Will my job as an analyst or content writer be obsolete? Can I cut […]