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English Pronouns | Who is Who?

The biggest mistake among non-native English speakers is the proper use of pronouns. Why? Well, depending on your mother tongue, pronouns can have different rules attached to them and it’s hard to directly translate them.  For instance, a lot of different cultures will address animals and pets differently or even have a certain pronoun for […]

An Introduction to the 12 Tenses of English

How are there 12 tenses in a language? You would think there is only past, future, and present, but you’d be mistaken! English can be a funny language. With this blog, we’ll make things a little clearer for you. There is actually some reasoning to it, and it’s not only about learning it but understanding […]

The 6 Best Apps to Learn English

We have a lot of learners around the globe who struggle to put their lessons to practice. If you are living in your hometown, it can be difficult to speak English day-to-day, and it’s easy to forget what you’ve learned if you only attend lessons once a week. Today, we’ll talk to you all about […]

10 Tips to Give a Good Presentation in English

In the business world, just knowing English isn’t good enough. No matter what your career is, it’s always important to be a good salesperson. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or yourself, having perfect presentation skills is a must.  When you are in an international business network and English is not your first […]

Fun Friday | Ideas to Learn English with your Kids

Happy Friday everyone! As summer arrives and the end of school approaches, you might be thinking about how to keep your kids entertained for the weekend and the rest of the summer. What better way than to have fun and get you and your family learning together all at the same time!  From a sunny […]

Free English Lesson on How To Pronounce “ED”

Welcome back to our free English learning blog! We hope you’ve enjoyed our lessons so far! This week we’re going to dive straight into how to pronounce ED and focus on our speaking skills. Whether you practice in the mirror or with your personal English teacher, pronunciation is key to becoming a fluent English speaker.  […]