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Fun Friday | Ideas to Learn English with your Kids

Happy Friday everyone! As summer arrives and the end of school approaches, you might be thinking about how to keep your kids entertained for the weekend and the rest of the summer. What better way than to have fun and get you and your family learning together all at the same time!  From a sunny […]

Free English Lesson on How To Pronounce “ED”

Welcome back to our free English learning blog! We hope you’ve enjoyed our lessons so far! This week we’re going to dive straight into how to pronounce ED and focus on our speaking skills. Whether you practice in the mirror or with your personal English teacher, pronunciation is key to becoming a fluent English speaker.  […]

Pro Tips to Study English

Studying a new language is difficult! Every person’s journey to becoming a fluent English speaker is different. There can be a lot of hurdles to overcome, such as your learning style, your environment, and your mother tongue’s alphabet.  If you are finding it difficult to learn English or have plateaued at a certain level, we […]

How to AD- Prefixes to Words

Welcome back to our Free Blogs Corner, where we cover a new topic each week, helping you understand the English language. Last week, it was all about the suffixes. This week, we will cover prefixes, including how to spot them, understand them, and examples of them.  Prefixes are letters or a combination of letters that […]

Don’t -Er your Suffixes | All you need to know

Thank you all for keeping up with our Free Blogs Learning Corner so far! Today we will veer off a tiny bit by talking about all things suffixes.  Suffixes are letter combinations that can be added to the end of words to create a different meaning or change the grammatical function of a word. In […]

English Workplace Expressions You Can Use

Learning a language brings many benefits. Communication is key. People learn a new language for many different reasons, such as talking with family from abroad, for personal achievement, and, of course, for work opportunities.  Its widely known that although starting from the start with a new difficult, it’s easy to plateau after a certain point […]