What are the Benefits of a Corporate Language Solution

Having a corporate language solution within your company can yield a large number of benefits, ranging from an increase in productivity to a more inclusive business culture. If you’re considering implementing a language learning system within your workplace, continue reading to find out how this can boost your business.


Boost in productivity

When language is not streamlined within a company, hours are wasted trying to remedy communication issues. Translating emails, using interpreters, using translation devices, combing through contracts, etc. These tasks add up to hours and hours of wasted time, slowing down productivity and preventing a smooth line of efficacy within the work team. Though language learning is not instantaneous, and employers must be patient with new learners, implementing a corporate language solution is a great way to start. By having a better grasp of the English language, and relevant social and cultural information, verbal and non-verbal communication can be understood a lot faster, allowing both rapid progress and better team-building. In the same vein, having workers who are connected through a lingua franca will allow for faster and more efficient communication, as workers will be able to build stronger and more comfortable relationships, which helps to eliminate awkward and fragmented interactions and misunderstandings. 

business opportunities

New business opportunities

By refusing to implement a language solution when one is needed, you are inadvertently causing a loss of business opportunities, both at the expense of your company and yourself. It is a common complaint of language learners that one of the greatest difficulties when it comes to an inadequate language level, is the inability to express who they truly are. Speakers who hold a low-medium level have to settle for a sub-par translation of what they truly want to say. Consider this aspect when thinking about new business opportunities. If you are able to converse with a potential client in their native tongue, they will instantly feel better understood, respected, and at ease. They will be able to express their needs, wishes, and goals with you and feel that you have a solid comprehension of their ideas. This will undoubtedly improve B2C and B2B relationships and allow for a stronger feeling of trust and closeness. Furthermore, a language solution will also provide your workforce with the cultural and social information necessary to do business in that specific country, which will also help during any business or networking interactions. 


Skill-based hiring process 

Too often, highly skilled candidates are overlooked as their English level does not meet the required standard. When English is required for a role, employers can often get hung up on hiring a candidate with a high language level, and overlook the more important factors. Having the constant implementation of a language solution within a company provides breathing space to the hiring process. Employers can focus on the skills, experience, and other relevant factors of the candidate, rather than fixating on their language capability. Furthermore, opening your employment opportunities to international candidates is an excellent way to keep your company aware and informed of the international market. This has an excellent domino effect, allowing skilled and innovative staff members to transfer their knowledge to other members of staff, once they have acquired the language to do so. Additionally, the prospect of international business, such as overseas trips or working in a foreign office, is a major incentive for employees these days, so providing the necessary tool of a language solution is a welcoming and alluring attraction towards a business. 

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Employee satisfaction

This one is obvious. Having a language solution within the company provides ample opportunity for employee self-improvement and development. A huge issue with working professionals is that they often feel that their daily schedule does not allow time for growth and development, such as learning a language. By having this opportunity integrated within the workday, as a facet of being part of the company, employees will be satisfied and appreciative of this chance to learn. Not only will it help employees in their professional endeavors, but it has a number of personal benefits too when it comes to traveling, communication, etc. Employees will feel better understood once they have a command of the company’s lingua franca, and they will be able to perform in a way that reflects their authentic selves. Furthermore, learning is fun! Employees tend to get a lot of enjoyment and amusement throughout the learning process, and the prospect of a common goal, set in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere, yields the potential for team building and understanding. Having this aspect implemented into the day-to-day operations of a company provides a sense of reward and enjoyment for employees. In essence, it’s something to look forward to during an average day at work!


Inclusive culture 

If communication between international members of staff, or indeed, between members of staff within the same division of different native tongues, progress, and productivity is greatly hindered. In order to make your business successful on a global level, there must be active and willing interest in creating a multilingual workforce. On a larger level, these days, more than ever, it’s crucial to create a work environment that both encourages and spearheads diversity and inclusion. Breaking down language barriers is a surefire way to break down cultural ones, also. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are extremely commonplace when you have employees attempting to communicate through fragmented language. An added bonus is that all efforts to unify members of staff through a common language allow for a stronger team, creating bonds and friendships through repeated interaction in workshops, classes, etc. It’s important to recognise, also, that a language solution is not solely about encouraging everyone to speak the same language. It also refers to the efforts made by each member of staff to understand and learn about the cultures of other team members, and this can be achieved through a mutual effort to enhance communication. 

inclusivity and talking in the workplace

The benefits of a corporate language solution are both numerous and obvious. When team members are connected by a central framework of language, communication becomes quicker, easier, and generally more efficient. This can be seen even within the creation of shortened terms and phrases, and general business jargon used to streamline communication. In continuation, implementing a language solution will undoubtedly open your business up to new and exciting business ventures overseas, bolstered by a knowledge of the country’s language and culture. With language learning taken care of, employers can focus on choosing the best possible team members for their company, in the knowledge that a language solution will help this candidate to become the best they can be. Furthermore, said employees will be more satisfied and fulfilled at work, encouraged by the constant opportunity to learn, grow, and advance, both professionally and personally. Lastly, a language solution used both to teach and understand non-native speakers will allow for a diverse and inclusive workplace, attracting potential clients and employees alike.


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