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Learn More About Online English Lessons for Adults & Business Professionals.

Are you looking to improve your English for personal or professional advancement? Everywhere English provides 30-minute personalised online English lessons and private classes that enable students to learn intensively with a private teacher via our platform.

We call these “one-on-ones”, as they allow the teacher’s attention to be focused entirely on you and your learning, making this method 100% profitable for you. Centered around each student’s individual level, interests, and goals, private classes are the most effective way to achieve quick results, fast!

Your teacher will prepare a class based on your personal needs, goals, and problem areas. During our online English lessons for Adults you will receive direct explanations, corrections, and feedback to instantly improve your language skills and understand your weak points. Furthermore, classes are completely flexible—we’ll work around you!

Tailored English Course: Group Lessons, English for Individuals

What’s Included

For as little as €80 a month, you will receive:
  • A weekly live lesson with a native teacher

  • Targeted, personalised homework with in-depth correction and feedback

  • Level assessments and certificates, accredited by Everywhere English™

  • Access to our learning hub of authentic and varied ESL material. Never stop learning!

  • Access to our online community of other learners. Practice, chat, or ask questions!

  • Access to our webinars and workshops (e.g. pronunciation class, phrasal verbs workshops)

How it works

Learning English as an individual couldn’t be easier. We have designed an easy, no-commitment process that can be completed in just 3 steps:


Once you’re a registered member of Everywhere English, you can easily book your trial lesson and start learning. After this, you can subscribe to a monthly program through our easy-to-use booking system.

Book a lesson

Whether you’re booking your initial trial lesson or scheduling all your classes for the month, just choose your preferred time from our easy-to-use calendar system, and you’re good to go! We will always send you a reminder email before your lesson, so you’ll stay consistent with your learning.

Start learning!

If you wish to continue learning, simply choose your preferred lesson time each week with one of our native teachers, and watch your English skills improve each week!

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Joy Cestari
Joy Cestari
I started an advanced English course to improve my language skills at work and immediately achieved excellent results. This is because Trish, my teacher, has planned a specific study path for my needs and for my working environment, where a high level of English is required. If you're wondering if it's worth it, yes it does. Thank you, Trish.
Viktoriia Kyrylenko (tory080)
Viktoriia Kyrylenko (tory080)
For three months, once a week, we collectively studied English with teacher Megan. It was an amazing experience. We were 4 groups of 5 people. Each student was given time. The classes were very interesting and they definitely improved our level of English. Thank you very much from me personally and from our entire team. You are an amazing teacher. We will meet again online
Maiolaine Ariana
Maiolaine Ariana
I really enjoyed English course with teacher Megan. I got a lot of useful information, as well as improving vocabulary for getting a job. The conversational level has also improved significantly thanks to Megan.
Тетяна Чібіцева (Chibik)
Тетяна Чібіцева (Chibik)
It was very interesting and fun! Lots of new information, interesting facts. I really liked the teacher, she is friendly and open. It was fun) Teacher Trish is very attentive, intelligent and always ready to help.
Людмила Мисенко
Людмила Мисенко
I received a lot of new and valuable information during the courses. Teacher Trish is great!
Роман Леонідович Ус
Роман Леонідович Ус
Many of thanks for a very interesting Webinar about living and working in Ireland. Lots of useful information and positive emotions.
Ruzanna Dziubinska
Ruzanna Dziubinska
I really love my English lessons with my teacher Trish , she’s so nice person , she knows what I need from classes , I find myself a bit better in speaking and feeling more confident at work. I will definitely recommend Everywhere English with Trish to my friends👍🏼
Caterina Del Bue
Caterina Del Bue
Trish is a good teacher. I like her lessons because we speak about interesting and actual topics. I'd recommend Everywhere English because it is very usuful for speaking and conversation.

Frequently asked questions

Business English is learning English for business or professional means. The subject is varied and can cover anything from interview practice and CV writing to industry-specific vocabulary. It focuses on the language that truly matters in business – sales, negotiations, presentations, and diplomatic English.

Any non-native English speaker who works. Although you may be fluent enough to speak with friends or go traveling, business English is a large step up. You not only need to be able to understand and speak in English, you’ll also need to pick up on what is not being said or to read between the lines. Most professionals will take a business English course to progress in their career, grow their business sales, or integrate into an English-speaking workplace.

Practice, practice, practice! Using English at work is a whole different story than being able to hold a conversation casually. It needs to be accurate, polite, and in tone with your company – whether that’s bubbly, serious, or salesy. To improve your English for work, learning through a business English course is the best route. We provide online English lessons for adults & business professionals. You will create a strategy with your teacher based on your goals and timeline. With our help and online English lessons, you’ll get there! We promise!

Yes, English is the business language of the world. It’s often used as the lingua franca. All multinational companies use it as the common language and international growth of businesses means talking in English. 80% of computers are written in English. So, if you’re promoting your business online, your English needs to be up to scratch!

By having a good level of English, you’ll be able to:


  • Travel the world and make friends with ease.
  • Get promoted into management positions at work.
  • Sell and market to overseas clients.
  • Create global relationships for the benefit of your career.
  • Stand out on your CV for new opportunities.
  • Be seen in corporate meetings and get a word in.

And much, much more!

Having good English skills opens a lot of doors for you! First and foremost, it’s an amazing skill to put on your CV. There are multinational companies globally that are now requiring English as a skill for all employees. Without English, these companies would be closed off for you.


You’ll also be able to make a lot of new connections globally through soft introductions and networking events. This will seriously help your career or even impress your boss!


If you are in sales and marketing (or any customer-facing department), English is becoming a must. Normally, only 7% of employees take on international clients due to their English skills. Guess what? You could be that 7% and see your commission grow!