General English Lessons Premium

Prices Start From €15.00 Per Class

This course provides the basic skills for everyday conversational English including building your vocabulary and discussing different topics. However this course also offers to undoubtedly improve your writing, reading, listening and grammar skills. Weekly assignments will be assigned and corrected. Study notes will also be offered. All material provided by Everywhere English. This course aims to improve all areas of your English.

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Exam Preparation Lessons

Prices Start From €17.00 Per Class

The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing every day. Having an English fluency certificate is proof that you have a high-level achievements in English. Everywhere English can offer practice, sample papers, tips and hints in most English certificates including IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL and PET. Everywhere English also offers a course preparing for business Examination courses such as BEC and TOEIC.

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Business English Lessons

Prices Start From €16.00 Per Class

Business English lessons with EverywhereEnglish allow you to progress whatever your language aims. Our intensive online courses for business have an effective, professional-based approach to help you with high quality needs. We offer custom-made business courses for individuals working in a company, self-employed individuals as well as Job seekers.

We cover all areas in the business sector including: Negotiation skills, Intercultural communication, Email and letter writing skills, Social English in the business world, Job interviews and CV writing, Telephoning. This course is suited for people seeking Employment, business professionals or any individual looking to improve their business knowledge.

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Mathematical English

Prices Start From €19.00 Per Class

Learn Math through English. A specialist course to help you to use your math skills in the English-speaking world. We can cover a range of topics, from the general topics such as algebra, trigonometry, and geometry to specialist topics such as Excel terminology and Finance and Accounting.


Don’t worry! We start from the very beginning and will go at your pace.


Our teachers can tailor the lessons to focus on your goals, whether it’s online teaching, business English, exam preparation or teaching in classrooms with children.

How many 30 minute classes would you like

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