Everywhere English Terms: Our Promises

These terms of service outline the conditions for which the user, subscriber, and/or customers must follow, made by Everywhere English LTD. (herein “Everywhere English”).

Users, customers, and subscribers must accept our terms and conditions in order to use our services. Everywhere English will adhere to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Customer Care

We promise to address all issues, complaints, and asks within 48 hours of requests. Requests can be made through our live chat system, a contact form, or by emailing info@everywhereenglish.eu.

  1. Learning Materials

All learning materials are written and edited by Everywhere English and approved teachers or c  content writers. All content is original and correct. Any mistakes in the content should be reported so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

  1. Assessment

English level grades or other assessments are conducted and corrected by fully qualified ESL teachers and overseen by QQI Level 5 accessors. Everywhere English LTD issues all recommendations and certificates of completion. All necessary actions are taken to halt cheating attempts throughout.

Terms of Use

All users of the website and solution owned by Everywhere English must adhere to the terms of use. By using our services, users are subjected to the terms. Any breach of the following terms can lead to the deletion of the account and/or appropriate consequences.

  1. Use of Website

Everywhere English may contain outdated information from third parties through the use of links. All third-party links are non-affiliated and for information purposes. Everywhere English does not take responsibility for these third-party websites to be updated or correct.

Users who input their information into the website give permission to the Everywhere English team to contact the user on sales and promotional services. Methods include, but are not limited to, newsletter sign-up and requesting a free trial.

Under EU law and GDPR, Everywhere English will not share the user’s information with third parties.

Comments and publications by users will be monitored and immoral or incorrect information will be taken down and further action may be taken.

  1. Use of Solution

Everywhere English may contain outdated information from third parties through the use of links. All third-party links are non-affiliated and for information purposes. Everywhere English does not take responsibility for these third-party websites to be updated or correct.

Users who input their information into the website give permission to the Everywhere English team to contact the user on sales and promotional services. Methods include, but are not limited to, newsletter sign-up and requesting a free trial.

Under EU law and GDPR, Everywhere English will not share the user’s information with third parties.

  1. Live Teaching

Learners should book their lessons between 2 weeks and 48 hours prior the desired time. For any urgent lessons (for example, prep work before a presentation at work), please email teacher@everywhereenglish.eu and we will try to accommodate you. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to.


We ask our learners to book similar times each week so you can be assured that you get the same teacher each week. If you do need to book different times (for example, both mornings and evenings), this may result in you getting assigned another teacher. This isn’t optimal for your learning journey! Ask your teacher in the first lesson about their available times to avoid disappointment.


Assignments or any corrections should be emailed to your teacher at least 24 hours before your lesson so your teacher has sufficient time to correct it for you before your lesson.


You can, without charge, cancel or reschedule your lesson with at least 12 hours’ notice or before 5 pm GMT the previous day, whichever is more. If you are rescheduling within 24 hours, please notify your teacher by emailing teacher@everywhereenglish.eu. Please keep in mind that your teacher reserves the right to decline the new time as they may not be available.


If you do not show up to your lesson or give minimal notice, you will still be charged for that lesson. There are exceptions, such as natural disaster or accident. This is at the discretion of your teacher and Everywhere English. Please submit your reason to teacher@everywhereenglish.eu.


From time to time, your teacher may need to reschedule a lesson. The teacher reserves the right to reschedule with 24 hours notice.


If, for any reason, your teacher has to reschedule short notice or cancel a lesson, with enough notice, we ask you to be as flexible as you can. If you cannot reschedule, you may get another teacher that day. We apologise for the inconvenience.


Sometimes, the connection isn’t right or you need a teacher who has experience in a certain industry, that’s ok! If you, for any reason, are not happy with your teacher, we can assign you another teacher more suited to your needs.


If you, for any reason, are not happy with Everywhere English, we have a 14 day refund policy for lesson packs minus lessons already taken.


Any group or company lessons are subject to the following terms and conditions:


– Group lessons are booked as a recurring booking. No-shows or late cancellations will be reported to the buyer (if applicable).

– Rescheduling of the lesson must be confirmed by the buyer and with 14 days notice.

– Individual lessons can be rescheduled at least 24 hours before the start time. They must be booked 48 hours prior to the lesson.

Any users who are within the 24 hour period for individual lessons or a no-show will not be refunded. Learners for group lessons may be subject to the buyers terms.

Subscriber terms

The following terms and conditions are subjected to subscribers. This includes any user with subscriber access, such as, but not limited to, learners, free trial entries, employers, or organisers. If the buyer is learning English, both buyer and end user terms apply.

  1. The Buyer

The buyer is defined as any user that makes a payment to Everywhere English.

The buyer will fill out the onboarding form accurately. Any discrepancies may result in the lack of onboarding to end users or onboarding incorrectly and Everywhere English cannot be held accountable. Changes in users information or subscription may result in admin fees of €30 and is at the discretion of Everywhere English.

The buyer is subject to payment and refund policy terms outlined below. The buyer will have access to reporting data of their end users. Decisions can made about subscribers every 3 months of subscription without being subjected to admin fees. It is the responsibility of the buyer to report any discrepancies in the data.

  1. The End User

Once the end user accepts terms and conditions, they accept that the buyer and Everywhere English teachers will have access to data and progress made by the end user. All data is visible solely for the purpose of progress and is in accordance with GDPR. If there are any concerns, Everywhere English staff can send examples of this upon request to learners.

The end user, as a learner of Everywhere English, promises to uphold standards outlined by Everywhere English. Examples of lack of standards include: Profanities made on the platform. Discouragement to other users. Bullying to other users or Everywhere English staff. Any actions that are deemed unacceptable will be dealt with at the discretion of Everywhere English staff and will be reported to the buyer.

Payments and Refund Policy

The following terms are subject to subscriber and e-commerce payments.

  1. Billing

The payment of the services offered is made prior to the scheduling of lessons and the provision of the service. Everywhere English offers the following forms of payment for the use of the service.


– PayPal

– Credit card


The price payable by the User to access the services is determined according to the contracted hours and the duration of the lessons. This is outlined before payment under “what’s included”.

  1. Refund Policy

Everywhere English has a 14-day cooling off period, where the buyer can request a refund. If services have already taken place before his time, the refund policy is void. A service taken place includes, but no limitied to:


– Activate subscription

– Participated in lesson

– Booked a lesson that is less than 48 hours away at time of refund request.


If a user finds Everywhere English unsatisfactory, please email info@everywhereenglish.eu. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

  1. Change of Subscription

Any changes in subscription needs 30 days notice to take into affect. Changes in subscription can include:

  • Upgrade of subscription
  • Downgrade of subscription
  • Change of users
  1. Cancellation policy
  1. Cancellation of subscription


Any cancellation of subscriptions will take 30 days to come into affect. Upon signing up, there is a 12 week minimum for users. If no lesson has taken place, no bookings have been made, no user has activated their account, and learner/user is within the 14-day refund policy, refunds can be made, but may be subject to an admin fee of €30 and is at the discretion of Everywhere English.

  1. Cancellation of Lessons from e-commerce options


Lessons bought as a package online is deemed as one item bought. This means that the remaining lessons after cancellation are non-refundable. If no lesson has taken place, no bookings have been made, and learner is within the 14-day refund policy, refunds can be made, but may be subject to an admin fee of €30 and is at the discretion of Everywhere English.

  1. Cancellation of Live Teaching


Cancellation within 24 hours or no-shows are 100% charged. Before 24 hours lessons can be rescheduled.

Free Trials

Free trials have no commitments to continue. It is the responsibility of the buyer to cancel the subscription before the free trial runs out to avoid being charged. If the free trial runs out and cancellation has not occured and stipulations under cancelation policy are not breached, the payment can be refunded.


  1. Intellectual Property

Users are obliged to:

  • Not share data with third-parties. All data processed is the property of Everywhere English. Progress reports can be downloaded by the buyer. This is the one exception.
  • Not give login details to anyone. There is one user per login.
  • Not share materials to anyone. This includes teachers, colleagues, or professionals.
  • Not download any materials. All materials are workable online, unless instructed to download.
  • Not screenshot or record lessons. If you’d like notes for later, you must ask the teacher to do so and get permission from all attendees.
  1. Liability

The sole function of Everywhere English is to present a service of intermediation between teachers and Users. Therefore, both parties – Everywhere English and Users – expressly recognize that activity and responsibility of Everywhere English is limited to the proper provision of the service offered.

In the event that the User understands that the standards supplied by Everywhere English in the benefit of some of the lessons or on the part of some of the teachers have not been met, the User, prior to filing any kind of claim, agrees to direct to Everywhere English the corresponding claim by Email, giving any objective data and evidence available.

In the event that it is credited by Everywhere English, and after hearing the teacher, a poor service delivery, Everywhere English will return the payment, corresponding to the lesson that was the object of the claim.

In any case, by accepting these terms and conditions, the User agrees that Everywhere English is only liable up to the maximum amount equivalent to the value of the lessons charged to the User for the lesson that is the object of the claim.

Using the Everywhere English website or the services provided are the User’s responsibility. Given the circumstances of the environment and the means, Everywhere English, despite having taken all reasonable measures to secure it, cannot completely guarantee that the content associated with the service is error-free or that the use of such material will not infringe on rights of third parties. Everywhere English can not absolutely guarantee that the functional aspects of the site are error-free or that the site or the servers that make it available are free of viruses or other harmful components. Everywhere English reserves the right to correct any errors on its website.

If the use by the User of the Website or other content or services results in the need of repairing or replacing property, material, equipment or data, or causes injury to people or damage to property, the company is not liable for the costs generated.

The user shall at the same time take protective measures on their computers that are considered generally appropriate.

  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The contract contained in these terms and conditions is subject to the law of Ireland and the EU. Everywhere English follows the guideline set out under the GDPR act.

The parties in the contract subject to these terms and conditions agree to submit in any discrepancies on the object, content or interpretation thereof, to the courts and tribunals in Ireland in all cases in which an Imperative Law did not state otherwise.

If one or more of the provisions of these terms and conditions were declared void by a court, such declaration of invalidity will not affect the validity of the other clauses of the contract, which shall remain valid, applicable and enforceable on the parties.

Changes to terms and conditions

Everywhere English reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions. We will give as much notice as possible. Users will be notified of any changes.

GDPR Compliance


Pursuant to the terms and conditions of GDPR, we hereby inform you that Everywhere English (in its capacity as “Data Controller”) is required to provide you with the following information:

All personal data shared with Everywhere English (as well as any further information provided so as to receive all necessary services) will be processed and handled by Everywhere English in accordance with its own policies, GDPR, and Privacy Shield principles. To guarantee privacy protection; sensitive information processing will only occur in relation to student details deemed necessary for course enrolment, including but not limited to Name, date of birth, email address, and home address.

Everywhere English will process collected information solely for institutional functions connected or related to its own ordinary activities, such as administrative practices for lessons, marketing activities, and our contractual obligations. All such customary activities are necessary for participant programmes. The data supplied and collected will be processed for the following purposes:

To fulfill the responsibilities established by any relevant law, including European Union regulations such as the GDPR;

To execute contractual responsibilities pertaining to enrolments with educational companies (included but not limited to; academic credits, participants, health, and safety);

Submittal and processing of personal data is necessary to achieve the purposes specified above.

The collecting and processing of common or sensitive data will be performed automatically and/or manually in compliance with GDPR Articles 1, 3, 5, 6, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32. To this purpose, Everywhere English will adopt the necessary safety measures, thus securing strictly monitored access.

Data processing will take place according to the aforementioned criteria only in Everywhere English offices that are exclusively dedicated to education, intern or volunteer abroad activities. Only Everywhere English administrators and/or staff members specifically designated to perform such tasks will process the data mentioned above. With the exception of sensitive data, personal information provided by the participants may be transferred overseas in accordance with the terms, conditions, and limits specified by GDPR Articles 40, 44, 45, 46, 47, 50 and Privacy Shield framework principles of accountability for onward transfer, security, and Data Integrity and Purpose Limitation.

Participants’ data may be communicated (in accordance with the above-indicated rules) to public or private organizations that need to acquire such information in order to comply with contractual, legal, and GDPR obligations. Sensitive data may be communicated to public entities and authorities (e.g., hospitals, police officers, courts, government bodies, etc) and to private subjects (e.g., clinics, security supervisors and insurance companies) only for purposes related to health, safety, emergencies and obligations set forth by GDPR.

Everywhere English will serve as “Data Controller” in compliance with all laws listed above. This also applies to safety obligations related to the automatic processing of participant data.

You will be able to exercise any and all other rights foreseen by GDPR Articles 12 – 23 Having read this notice provided by Everywhere English in its capacity as “Data Controller” pursuant to GDPR Article 1 – 4, 24, 40.

GDPR documentation available in its entirety at https://gdpr-info.eu

Privacy Shield framework is available in its entirety at https://www.privacyshield.gov/article?id=OVERVIEW

To the use/providing/processing of personal data (including sensitive data) for and limited by the purposes outlined in this notice (in compliance with GDPR Articles 5, 6, 7, 40).