We at Everywhere English are committed to implementing our sustainability strategy internally. Our services are delivered in a way that minimizes the environmental impact and promotes business integrity. We will support clients and partners to transition to a more sustainable environment.

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For us, sustainability is about understanding the impact of our products and activities on the environment. We will consistently base all our actions on sustainability principles to protect our planet and the future.


At Everywhere English, the following guiding principles provide us with guidance and direction


As resources increase, we will continue to understand the impact of this growth and make decisions accordingly.


We will continue to report our sustainable KPIs internally and will update our sustainability statement online accordingly.


With our blended learning strategy, we achieve sustainability by reducing the need for live lessons.


Empowering our team and partners to have sustainability at the forefront of their minds by encouraging them to adopt sustainable practices.


We ensure that our sustainable practices are clear and easy to follow, while also taking a flexible approach to our strategies.


We monitor our sustainability performance to help ourselves and our clients understand and appreciate the changes we are continuously making. To date we have made the following progress.

  • We’re a fully-distributed virtual team who are committed to reduced travel and material use.
  • We invest in new equipment and ensure that all equipment such as laptops and printers are well maintained.
  • We promote effective and efficient lesson planning, keeping in mind the best use of resources.
  • Through our services, our customers are supported to retain employees. This leads to a reduction in re-work and increased efficiencies in the companies we work with.
  • We take a continuous improvement approach. Most recently, we have improved scheduling and registration processes for our clients. The ease of use means less time and effort are required online.
  • Our group classes are held with sustainability in mind: groups work from one screen which reduces the need for multiple laptops
  • We are efficient in our marketing processes. We use digital marketing which means our processes are paper-free.
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Want to know more?

Talk with us about how enrolling your team onto an English learning solution will too help you improve your sustainability.