Learn English Online | We are a business English solution that equips employees with the language proficiency & cultural intelligence tools required to thrive at work.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the power of the English Language to effortlessly connect people & businesses worldwide.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s leading English learning platform, connecting businesses and creating endless business opportunities globally.

We want to elevate the world of business by reaching the full potential of all of us. 

Our Values

Our team’s focus is to help professionals worldwide to learn English online. At Everywhere English, our team is lead by our values.



We help employers and employees master the English language unlocking the business potential for international growth.


Everywhere English offers a tangible software solution, tracking English learner improvements, forecasting goal timings, and providing leaderboards and progress reports keeping our learners motivated.


Our hybrid learning approach provides your team with weekly online lessons with an English language tutor as well as unlimited access to our self-learning hub.


A sense of empowerment and career satisfaction allows employees, teams, and the business as a whole to become the best version of itself.


Language is a two-way street and we go beyond words to build relationships, enhance interactions, and optimize business relationships and partnerships.

What Our Learners Have To Say About Us

A Little Bit Of Reading before you Learn English Online

Everywhere English is an EdTech solution that helps companies to grow by helping their team learn English online flexibly & sustainably. We
Everywhere English Founders - Kate and Becky | Learn English Online

specialize in business English and industry-specific curriculums that are tailored to the company focusing on the language that really matters.  Using a hybrid method combines technology (access to a portal) and live training led by highly qualified tutors. 

In other words, Everywhere English offers a blended learning strategy to maximize international impact and business partnerships. 

We meet with employers and managers of all industries to set up interactive, tailor-made group lessons for their teams. Companies can range anywhere from a team of 4 employees to hundreds. Lessons can be tailored toward the recommendations of the employer. You can read all about it here!

We want to help you grow your business by improving the skills of the team and maximizing potential growth. Industry-specific training means that the lessons will be geared towards your industry and they will learn relevant skills, such as negotiation skills, presentations and sales training, and product knowledge. Not only do we want your team to be fluent in English but master the language to their advantage. 

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