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15 Slang Terms you’ll need to know in 2022: Global Edition

Have you only recently picked up on last year’s slang? It’s too late now, so forget it. A slew of new (rather illogical) terminology has arrived, and it’s time to update them to your vocabulary bank. With TikTok’s continued dominance over our culture, the app has begun to influence much of the terminology we hear […]

The Benefits of Fluency in English within the Workforce

Do you have any recollection of how long it took you to pick up a new language? Whether you began at a young age or as an adult, you likely remember devoting a significant amount of time, perhaps even years, to achieving your desired fluency level. English is one of the world’s most widely spoken […]

Learn English in 3 months

Lots of us learn English for several different reasons. We all have a different motivation. Whether you want to change careers, earn a little more money, travel the world or emigrate to another country. While learning a new language can be exciting it is also very challenging. What if we told you that you could […]

New year, new language – 8 tips and tricks to learn a new language

If you’re looking for a unique way to make this year the best ever, you’ve come to the right place: learning a new language should be your New Year’s resolution. Why? It will essentially provide you superpowers and make the coming year significantly more fascinating and enjoyable. With the past couple of years being what […]

Common words and phrases you’ll need for Christmas

Visiting family and friends. Exchanging gifts and stories from the year ending. Spending quality time with loved ones. This is what Christmas is all about. With a tough year passed, you may even have nieces, nephews, grandchildren that you have not yet met. They are speaking their first words and you’d love to be able […]

Feliz Navidad | The best ways to pass on your English Language Skills to your Children

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time for giving and sharing. It’s a time for communication and love. It’s a time to spend time with family and friends. If you’d like to pass on your English skills to your children this holiday season, here are a few hints and tips to […]