Why investing in your employees is the smartest business move

It’s a common theme amongst business owners and those in managerial positions: How do you show your employees that their work is important to you? And why is it crucial that your workforce feels supported and motivated to push themselves towards success?

There are tons of ways to invest in your employees, from promoting a reasonable work-life balance to providing bonuses and promotions. With Everywhere English, you can invest in your non-native employees by supplying them with one of our corporate English courses. Gestures like this let your employees know that they are both recognised and appreciated and that their work is valuable to the company. Feeling cherished as an employee is an absolute must in order to achieve a happy and successful working life. And happy employees mean a happy boss. 

Why investing in your employees is the smartest business move

As such, the benefits of employee investment are not confined to the employees themselves, but also to you! It’s a win-win situation. As their manager, supervisor, director, or boss, you too will reap the rewards of investing in your employees’ growth and development, from a higher retention rate to creating a scalable business.

We’re going to share with you five key benefits of investing in your employees so that your next business move is a smart one: 


1. Employee Retention

We live in a society that is focused on constant improvement. Self-help books are flying off the shelves and motivational podcasts becoming the soundtrack to our daily commute. We love to grow, learn, and develop. Becoming the best versions of ourselves is a common goal, pushing ourselves to excel in both personal and professional pursuits. 

With this in mind, young professionals are actively seeking out companies that will assist them in achieving these goals. They want companies to provide them with a springboard for professional development. When employees begin to feel stagnant in their position, they may take to looking for more prosperous positions elsewhere. This leads to an unfortunately high turnover rate at your company. Not only that but having this reputation as a company can be disastrous in terms of new recruitment. Remember that word-of-mouth will report the lack of progression and development of the business among candidates. 

So, what can you do about it? By investing in your employees, you can avoid this unfortunate scenario. Make your company one which is sought-after by those on the outside, and treasured by those on the inside. In our case, we can help your company to achieve effective communication and maximize business potential through an improved level of English. Trust us- your employees will thank you.


2. Building a skillset

In order to maintain a successful business, it’s vital to stay active. What does that mean for you? Well, as an employer, it’s crucial to stay up to date with current trends, customer expectations, and the activity of the competition. This means that the skill set of each and every employee must be continually assessed and updated. This way, they can handle anything a client may throw at them, and they can equal the skills of their competitor or associate. By not investing in the skills of your employees, you’ll have a team filled with untapped potential and lacking in confidence. This can have a negative domino effect on the entire company, as the quality of work will decrease, as will team morale.

Of course, investing in your team’s capacities can refer to several things. Perhaps you wish to invest in your employees by providing them with the latest software. Or maybe you’re looking into a course in conflict intervention at the workplace. With Everywhere English, we can help your team to upskill. We provide the language tools necessary in business, whether this is industry-specific, or just general communication. By investing in the language skills of your employees, you essentially give them the tools to express themselves intelligently and coherently and show their expertise in their respective fields. Investing in their skillset will help create a sharper, smarter, and more knowledgeable team- it’s a no-brainer. 

A happy team Building a skillset

3. Company status

As a business owner, we’re sure you care about your company’s reputation, both internally and externally. By investing in your employees, you can help to create a reputable brand name for your business. There are many exemplary companies on the market renowned for the possibilities and opportunities they provide their employees, from positions abroad to frequent upskilling courses. Having this reputation can do wonders for employee retention and for attracting new employees. Of course, it’s equally important for clients to see that employees are thriving in their positions, as an unhappy team is both obvious and discouraging to future buyers, and may cause customers to view the company as stagnant or incompetent. By creating a favorable reputation, clients will be more likely to trust your product or service, hence promoting sales. 

Boasting a positive company reputation will allow you to stand out in the market. Make your company a benchmark of success for the competition. Your “brand” will carry with it a certain level of prestige and value. This status, combined with the attained customer loyalty and trust, will ensure that the business continues to grow and develop. You’ll be on your way to building a sustainable and established company. 

With our solution, investing in your employees by enhancing their language skills will help to create a reputable company name. This encourages and assists employees to communicate and succeed on an international level, both personally and professionally. 


4. Boosting Employee and Team Morale

What does a company look like when its team feels supported, appreciated, and given opportunities to prosper? 

As you can imagine, such a workforce is bound to be motivated, driven, and excited. Being part of a work environment that fosters learning and development creates a real sense of energy and purpose, so you’re likely to see a huge boost to company morale. Without this outlet of learning, employees are likely to feel disconnected or uninterested in their duties. This has a massive knock-on effect on the efficiency of the overall business, as organization and collaboration grinds to a halt. When employees are connected by a central drive to be part of a successful business, communication, and group work are a lot more successful. 

As such, investing in your team, i.e. through providing a language course, allows employees to connect through a shared goal of improvement. For instance, if employees are making a joint effort to improve their language skills, the activities, challenges, and requirements of this course could act as a bonding experience, as well as a source of innovation and creativity. Through problem-solving, planning, and group work, colleague relationships will strengthen and company culture will improve. A team that learns together, grows together!

Managers holding a meeting and Boosting team morale

5. Scaling your business

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

By investing in your employees, you are essentially planning for the future of your business. Equip your workforce with the skills you deem necessary for the future. This will allow them to easily slot into managerial positions, take on more responsibilities, and expand their job description. Without the skills necessary to do so, employees will either remain in one place, choose to seek employment elsewhere, or worse, ascend to higher positions without the qualifications or the expertise to do the job effectively. This will lead to many issues down the line and will affect the success of the business as a whole.

A business should be scaled and planned in order to ensure that as the business grows, it can manage the growing demand while continuing to be profitable. By investing in adequate upskilling initiatives, you can avoid unnecessary or unpleasant disruptions or expenses for the company. By retaining employees who constantly learn and grow, you will create a sustainable company with a central idea of success. Failing to invest in the onboarding process, as well as consistent L&D, will make it difficult to scale a durable business. So, get planning!

english learning online for your business

It may be up for debate as to which method of employee investment is the best. However, the one undeniable fact is that any form of investment into your team is a smart business move for them, for you, and for the business. Maintain a reputable business name. Boost team morale. The benefits of investing in your employees are second to none. In our case, we’d love to help you out by assisting your team in global communication, via the lingua franca of English. Invest in your team and book a free consultation today! (You can thank us later). 


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