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How A Corporate Language Solution Improves Staff Retention

It’s true that a healthy turnover rate can boost a company’s success rate, not just in terms of profitability, but in company dynamism, energy, and innovation. However, when turnover rates are too high, it leads to an unstable working environment. In order to improve employee retention rates within a company, it’s a worthwhile venture to […]

The Impact of Language Barriers on your Business

As we enter 2023, many of you business owners will surely be thinking about how to help your business thrive and prosper this coming year. Whether that be investing in learning and development, prioritizing company culture, or nailing down your KPIs, you plan to help your business to be the best it can be. However, […]

Your New Year’s Resolution | Learn a new Language

Happy New Year! January is here and the holiday period is coming to an end. It’s time to do something amazing with your recharged batteries. What have you promised yourself for your new year’s resolutions? Going back to the gym? Quit smoking? Make that move in your career that you’ve been thinking about for a […]

Diplomatic English: How to respond to emails

When writing an email in English, it’s important to use the correct tone and terminology. In this article, we will share with you common responses and commands when sending emails, as well as showing you how to respond to a job offer email, a rejection email, and a complaint email.    Common Commands On the […]

The Ultimate Glossary: 30 Marketing Terms in English you need to know

When using English at work, it’s important to stay up to date with changing terminology. Language is always evolving, and we see new additions to the dictionary every year. The same can be seen in the corporate world, as we find new language to describe our day-to-day operations within the workplace. It’s crucial to have […]

10 series para ayudarte a mejorar tu nivel de inglés

De vez en cuando, es necesario estudiar de una forma en que sientes que no estás estudiando de verdad. Es decir, a veces tenemos que fomentar un ambiente relajado y divertido para que aprendamos. Ya hemos hablado de las ventajas de hacer actividades así, por ejemplo, dar un paseo con un podcast de inglés, escuchar […]