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5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Reading Skills

Reading is a crucial part of any language learning, as it helps you to improve your other skills, such as writing, grammar, and vocabulary. It can also help with speaking skills, in some ways! Although it can be difficult to begin the challenge of reading in English, it’s a decision you won’t regret, once you […]

El factor más importante para subir de nivel de inglés

De vez en cuando parece que aprender inglés es una tarea insuperable. Pero no es así. Claro, todo el mundo tiene que practicar mucho para alcanzar un nivel alto de inglés, y no se puede evitar el rollo de gramática, vocabulario etc. No obstante, el factor más importante para subir de nivel de inglés es […]

Tips to help you improve your Speaking Skills

If you feel like oral production is your biggest challenge when it comes to learning English, you´re not alone. It’s a daunting task and one that can make us feel vulnerable or self-conscious. Unfortunately, it can also be a hard skill to improve as we don’t always have access to native speakers. The majority of […]

Back to School | Common Expressions in English

As we enter the academic year, many students are returning to school for another year of learning. If you’re an English student, you’re probably already attending English classes, following Instagram pages, and watching YouTube videos and TikToks from your favorite English teachers. As we return to our studies, get ready to see a lot of […]

English Pronouns | Who is Who?

The biggest mistake among non-native English speakers is the proper use of pronouns. Why? Well, depending on your mother tongue, pronouns can have different rules attached to them and it’s hard to directly translate them.  For instance, a lot of different cultures will address animals and pets differently or even have a certain pronoun for […]

An Introduction to the 12 Tenses of English

How are there 12 tenses in a language? You would think there is only past, future, and present, but you’d be mistaken! English can be a funny language. With this blog, we’ll make things a little clearer for you. There is actually some reasoning to it, and it’s not only about learning it but understanding […]