How to Motivate Staff through the Off-peak Season

Summertime has come to an end! For many businesses, the end of summer can result in a reduction in business and revenue. As the longer nights start to creep in, you may ask yourself, “How can I motivate my staff during the off-peak season?”. Well, there are actually many ways to take advantage of the off-peak season. This is your time to reflect, plan, and motivate. Keeping and retaining your team for the next year ahead is critical for productivity and will cut your training expenses hugely! Investing in your team will help you to save time and money in the long run. We all know this, but how can we actually keep our team happy? 

Here are some key tips for keeping motivation and morale up in the workplace during this period. 


1. Gather Feedback 

As the season draws to a close, this is an ideal time to follow up with staff and gather some feedback. Hosting one-to-ones, as well as team meetings, provides an opportunity to analyse the business year to date. Not only this, but it also opens the door for staff to voice what they felt worked throughout the season. What challenges have they faced? Can they provide you with suggestions for the business going forward? Providing this platform as you enter the off-peak season shows consideration for your staff and displays how they are valued members of the team.

Additionally, this is a prime opportunity to check in on your staff’s well-being: did they encounter any stressful times during the peak season? Is there anything that the business can do for them going forward to reduce stress and assist them going into the next season? Care for your staff is a key factor in motivating members of the team all year round. Engagement is key to success and can lead to a profitable business. 

giving feedback. How to motivate staff


2. Motivate Staff Through Skill Development 

The off-peak season is an optimal time to develop your staff’s skill set. Skill development shows that you are willing to invest in your staff and value their work even during a lull period. Providing in-person training courses or investing in online courses that target different key areas for your business can prove to be valuable for both business and staff needs.

At Everywhere English we provide individual and group courses to cater to your business needs. Upskilling your staff’s English skills can be beneficial to the day-to-day running of your business during the peak season. We provide the tools necessary to equip your team with the linguistic skills that are essential to your business. Whether you want to motivate your staff to improve their general communication skills for customer service, or whether you want to focus on more industry-specific or business related areas, we have the courses for you!

By investing in your staff during the off-peak season, you will provide your staff with essential skills that can be applied in both their personal and professional lives. It may be challenging to decide what skills should be prioritised for your business needs, but we are here to help you on your journey during this off-peak season! 

Why investing in your employees is the smartest business move

3. Take Advantage of Your Staff’s Skills

What can you do to retain and motivate staff during the off-peak season? Review your staff’s skill set and adjust accordingly. Reassigning work and reallocating roles shows your team that you appreciate their diverse skill set beyond their day-to-day routine, and these skills can be utilised in a manner that allows you to generate meaningful work during the off-peak season. What are your company needs during this time? Do you require further marketing and branding? Do you need to revise your inventory? Maybe you are looking to give your premises a face-lift going into the next peak season. Talk to your staff and take advantage of their skills. This will have a positive impact on both their well-being and your business needs. When the peak season comes again, use these skills to your advantage and implement new roles among members of staff. 

Talk to your staff and let them know they are valued, invest in their skill development and utilise their existing skill set. Motivation is key to success!  


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