Feliz Navidad | The best ways to pass on your English Language Skills to your Children

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s a time for giving and sharing. It’s a time for communication and love. It’s a time to spend time with family and friends. If you’d like to pass on your English skills to your children this holiday season, here are a few hints and tips to make learning fun! 


Firstly, why teach your children English? 

Learning a language is statistically easier when you are a young learner. We all see this day-to-day, children do pick up languages a lot faster than adults. Their brains are like sponges and becoming bilingual is a lot more natural. Being bilingual will stand to them when they are older. It will give them the chance to attend an international college and more job opportunities, not to mention an easy A in school growing up! 

It will be a great bonding time between parent and child during Christmas. Children want to learn and these activities and games will help them focus and use their energy up during the holiday break (yes, we’re lifesavers, we know!). 

A few fun Activities and Games to Learn English at Home


  1. A Christmas Letter



This Christmas game can be used to teach terminology and traditions related to the holiday. Children will give words to construct a Christmas letter in this game. Begin by reading the letter to your child, replacing each missing word with the word “blank.”

When a missing word appears in a sentence, children search through their cards to determine whether they have a suitable Christmas word to finish the sentence.

At the end of the game, read through the letter again with your child and see whether you would use another word instead of the one they used.

You can then hang it on the fridge or send it to an overseas pen pal!





2. Drawing and Describing 


Get your child to draw, colour, and describe Christmas pictures in this fun Christmas activity. Children begin by drawing and colouring a Christmas picture.

Then, in a box on the worksheet, your child will write adjectives, nouns, and verbs that they can use to describe their picture.

After that, kids create a description of their Christmas picture using the words. Share it with the family as this one is great for a family activity.

If you have more than one child or cousins that would like to join in, a great idea is to swap activity sheets so they describe each other’s drawings! 





3. Christmas Conversations 


Your child will complete Christmas questions using question words and then ask and answer questions with you in this Christmas discussion questions exercise.

Your child will answer a set of Christmas discussion questions by writing question words in a box on the worksheet.

They will then form pairs with a sibling or cousin and take turns asking and answering questions with their partner.

When they are finished, it’s great to share their answers with you and other adults!





We hope that you have fun this holiday season with your family and if you enjoy these games, let us know and we will work on more for you for Easter!

To download these free English learning resources, please feel free download in PDF below. Happy Christmas all!

A Christmas Letter

Drawing and Describing

Christmas Conversation Questions


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