Happy April Fools Day | Lingo you’ll need to know

April Fools Day is fast approaching and you need to make sure your English skills are up to scratch to keep up with the jokes! Don’t worry, we have you covered. Learn everything you need to know in preparation for the wittiest day of the year. 

April Fools’ Day, which is observed on April 1 every year, has been observed by several cultures for millennia, however, its actual roots are unknown. Playing practical pranks or hoaxes on others is a common April Fools’ Day custom, with the phrase “April Fools!” being yelled at the end to reveal the topic of the April Fools’ Day prank. While the origins of April Fools’ Day are unknown, the media’s and big multinationals’ acceptance of the unofficial holiday has ensured its survival.

Now to go through the most common phrases that you can use to impress your colleague AND a handy section below on great phrases to use in marketing (great for social media marketers and brand ambassadors!). 

5 Common Phrases on April Fools Day


“Fool Me Once, Shame On You; Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me.”

This is the most common one you’ll hear, and a phrase you may not have heard of. So, what does it mean? This is a phrase used normally when you try to prank someone for a second time and they don’t fall for it. They are saying that if you were to fool them for a second time then the blame is on them. If you fall for a prank twice on April Fools Day, then really there’s only one fool in the room! 


“Today Is April Fools Day, Believe Nothing And Trust No One”

This is also something you may hear on the day. It is a simple opening statement that you may hear from a colleague or friend. It means to watch your back throughout the day and not to trust anyone. In other words, double-check the table salt lid!


“Don’t be an April Fool”

The term April Fool can also be used. It is a noun that can be used to describe someone. An “April Fool” is someone who falls for pranks and jokes easily and frequently during the day. It’s not something you want to be called but is meant all is in good fun, and not as an insult. 


“Happy April Fools day, can you make me laugh?”

This question will be given to you by someone who wants to hear a joke, so it’s good to have one prepared in the back of your mind for such a question to arise! Puns are always a good one to use, as they won’t offend your audience and can be used in a series of situations. 


“If You Are Wise, You’ll Prepare For A Surprise.”

This is a nice phrase as it rhymes and slips off the tongue. It can be compared to the very famous boy scouts motto “always be prepared”. If you are smart, you’ll be ready for a prank. 

5 Marketing Slogans to use this April Fools Day


“Today is April fool’s day, don’t believe anyone but believe us”

This is a clever one because it makes you think, it’s a bit of a head-scratcher! It ties into the saying above “Today Is April Fools Day, Believe Nothing And Trust No One”. The company or organization is having a little fun with the wary feeling we get during the day. Believe only their great offer. 


“It’s the April fool’s day sale, from one fool to another”

This should only be used if sarcasm is your business’s vibe. It is quite witty but think about your audience first. If your audience is young and witty and not easily offended, then this is a great choice to go for. It will show personality, and definitely help your audience to stop scrolling. 


“It’s no joke, avail of our sale today”

This is also another witty one but is a little less likely to get some backlash if you are not too sure about your audience. You can also personalize this one to your business vibe. Basically, start with “It’s no joke” and complete the sentence in whatever way you’d like that fits your promotion. 


“We will not fool you, sale time running out”

This is a great phrase to use for the last few hours of the 1st of April. If you are sending out a newsletter or doing up a last-minute post to push those last few sales through, then this phrase will suit the content. It’ll be trending and in line with the day that’s in it and portrays a sense of urgency. 


“Let others be a fool, while you enjoy the amazing discounts”

This phrase brings on a sense of praise to your customer. You are letting them know that they are ahead of the game when it comes to getting discounts, and only fools buy at full price. It also brings on a sense of the “common enemy effect”, where members of a group work together when they face an opponent, although they otherwise have little in common. Not that others are the enemy, but it sure does bring a sense of that into it. 


woman shopping with discounts

We hope this helps you get by this April Fools Day and that you don’t get too fooled! Let us know the funniest stories that you’ve experienced in your next lesson


Happy April Fools Day!


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