New year, new language – 8 tips and tricks to learn a new language

If you’re looking for a unique way to make this year the best ever, you’ve come to the right place: learning a new language should be your New Year’s resolution. Why? It will essentially provide you superpowers and make the coming year significantly more fascinating and enjoyable.

With the past couple of years being what they were, a new language will bring you a sense of achievement, open doors for you to see some of the world, and venture into new job prospects.


1. Be Realistic

Learning a new language is difficult. It takes time, effort and lots of repetition. Set your goals realistically. Take it step-by-step and don’t burn yourself out. Getting 100% of a small goal done is better than trying to learn too much vocabulary and not remember it all the week after. Everyone has a different number of vocabulary that you can learn at once, so find out what your ideal amount is and follow that through. It’s all about trial and error.


2. Be Specific

Set fourth a lesson plan for yourself or follow the lesson plan that your tutor give to you. Motivation is key and reaching your goals weekly or monthly will help you keep up this motivation. It’s very easy to fall behind and lose momentum so setting out particular goals will help you always progress your language skills. Good resolutions have tangible results, so make sure your language learning plan has a specific target and can be broken down into small steps.


3. Be Standard

No, we don’t mean to be standard personally. We mean that it’s best to pick your method of learning that suits you. If you feel like you learn more by listening or writing, for instance, learn a new language by this method. There are many methods to learning, and learning a new language is no exception. Let your tutor know your preferable way of learning too if you are learning through a tutor. Whether it’s through audio files or comprehensions, once you find your ideal method, this is definitely the way to learn.


4. Be Prepared

There will always be bumps in the road. Life gets in the way or you may just find yourself overworked or tired. That’s okay and there’s no need to worry. We all need a break sometimes! In your lesson plans, make sure to prepare for anything that may in the way. Have some overflow time scheduled for your goals. Factor in holidays and your birthday and take that well deserved break. If you prepare for these breaks, then you won’t feel a sense of failure as you fall behind.


5. Be Thorough

The only way that you’ll know that your learning is to test yourself to see where you are and if you are actually absorbing the new knowledge you are learning. If you are learning the new language through a tutor, your tutor will test you along the way through continuous assessment. If you’re not a fan of tests and are trying to learn a new language solo, you can always test your language skills through different methods. For instance, if you are learning a new topic like politics, try watching some political based movies without the subtitles and see how you do!


6. Be Social 

When learning a new language, it’s great to find like-minded people on the same learning path. When you let people know you are learning a new language, it’ll surprise you how many other people are too. This way you’ll find new study buddies. This will create a sense of motivation through a competitive nature or peer goals.


7. Be Rewarding

Learning a new language is a great feat and when you reach certain goals, don’t forget to reward yourself and have fun! Otherwise, what is the point in continuing to learn your new found skill? Take that vacation abroad where you’ll be able to put into practice what you’ve learned. Locals around the world are always appreciative of your efforts and will even help you learn some colloquial language.


8. Be Adventurous

To learn the basics of a new language, standard learning methods are needed. Studying on your own can only take you so far. Having a tutor-led learning program is the fastest and most effective way to learn. Learn online or abroad and start correcting those mistakes that you may be making without even knowing.


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