Remote Learning: Top tips for learning from home

Learning from home can be stressful and can make your experience of learning less proactive! This could make you resent learning and the English language as you’ll no longer feel the benefit of becoming bilingual.


Follow these tips to enhance your learning and make your learning experience even more productive! Learning as an adult is a whole new experience. When it’s your choice, enthusiasm and excitement are at the forefront of our minds. As the world is well and truly online, so are learning platforms. 


Learning as an adult can be very exciting as you do realise all the benefits there is to learn another language – in particular, the most spoken language in the world and the leading one used within the business world. 


1. Have a Routine


Having a routine and choosing to complete your lessons on the same days (whether it’s two mornings a week or bimonthly on a Wednesday) will help you to pick up the English language easily and readily. This will help your mind absorb all the information from each lesson and give you an apt amount of time to digest it. 


Scheduling in time to go over any assignments given is just as important. The timing of this is up to you. Whether you feel it’s best done immediately after your lesson or halfway to your next, schedule it! Trust us – this will prove very helpful! 


2. Communicate with your teacher


Although we know it can be difficult initially, communicating with your teacher is the best way you can get the most out of your lessons. Letting your teacher know your goals and plans can enhance your learning and we can specialize in any industry! 


If you need to give talks or presentations, let us know and we are more than happy to help. If you are going for an interview for a new job or moving country – yep you guessed it – let us know!


3. Create a learning space 


Creating a learning space for yourself is extremely important! Set up a place at home where you can close the door and create a safe space. A huge part of not being able to learn a language is the shyness of how you sound. When you close the door and have a quiet space for your lesson, you don’t need to worry about who’s listening. 


Creating a comfortable space is also very important. Do not struggle to sit on an uncomfortable chair for 30 minutes as this will become a negative space and you will associate this with the language. Being comfortable also means you won’t mind scheduling that homework! 


4. Be technically ready


We would advise students to be logged on at least 10 minutes beforehand to ensure that all things technical are ready and working. 


A good tip here is to download a WiFi Analyzer App to find the best hotspot in the house! A good internet connection means getting the best out of your lesson. 


If you have a big family and a lively home, a great investment would be earphones/ headphones. 


5. Stop multitasking 


You may think you’re being more productive, but multitasking actually slows you down. Your brain can’t do two things at once. Be present for 30 minutes and focus on what your teacher would like you to learn. 


When you think you’re multitasking, your brain is actually darting from one task to another in rapid succession. As a result, you lose 40% productivity because the brain is constantly shifting gears and trying to focus. Not only does multitasking kill your efficiency and performance, it’s actually harmful. Prioritize your sales activities and focus on one thing at a time to maximize your success. 


We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading these tips! If you do feel like you’re in a slump and in need of some motivation, communicate this with your teacher and we’ll help you gain a better learning experience! 


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