Why most free apps fall short when it comes to corporate language training

In today’s world, it can be quite challenging to obtain a work-life balance. Making time to improve our skill sets can be very tasking. But having the option to do so while we are on the go is very appealing. Let’s take corporate language training as an example. We all have a desire to speak more than one language, especially in a world where it is becoming a necessity. If your day is jam-packed, where are you going to find time to improve your language skills? On your phone! 

The accessibility of free language apps has revolutionized language learning. Practicing some grammar or learning idioms on your commute to work is great! However, how beneficial are free apps for your language skills in the long run? Can it help you achieve your linguistic goals for your job? Free language apps are useful, but many can fall short when it comes to corporate language training. 

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Lack of Contextual Learning

The way we live our lives has changed drastically in the past two decades alone. As technology advances, so do our lifestyles. When it comes to language learning, the option to learn on the go is just at our fingertips. When adopting this learning method to a work environment, how sustainable are free apps when it comes to corporate language training? 

Day-to-day, free language apps are useful for you and your colleagues to engage with your target language. The free apps are encouraging and interactive, but many can lack contextual learning which is necessary to obtain greater language skills. 

Many free language apps focus on isolating grammar and vocabulary. They often put them into context by creating a themed lesson. Having the correct grammatical structures and vocabulary is imperative when learning a new language. The apps do prove beneficial for this aspect of learning. However, you could be left in a sticky situation if you cannot apply these new words and structures in a real-life situation. 

Corporate language training can eliminate this lack of contextual learning. Having an in-person or virtual class will allow you to build on the vocabulary and grammar you have learned. Human interaction will lead to greater fluency over time and provide contextual learning. Your free language app can be used as an aid to your learning, but participating in corporate language training can take you to the next level! 


Corporate Language Training and Free Apps: Tracking Progress

When you take on a new skill or want to improve on existing skills, you will want to keep track of your progress. Seeing where you began and checking in with how you are progressing over time is essential. Many free language apps have excellent progress trackers. Most are very user-friendly and often include incentives such as giving you small rewards when you complete a lesson. Progress tracking on free apps is useful for the individual user, but how can you track all of your employees’ progress through an app? Would you ask your employees to send their progress by email? Would you need to set up a spreadsheet to track their progress? 

If you can track your employees’ progress in their day-to-day tasks, and keep a record of their time management, it is also important to track their progress when it comes to learning new skills. 

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Investing in corporate language training will enhance your ability to track your employees’ language learning progress. By having a language teacher on-site or online, you can keep track of progress through small tasks such as homework or group exercises. Your teacher can also provide weekly feedback on how your employees are improving after each lesson. The possibility of conducting language tests and issuing certificates can also be implemented. 

Though you can ask your employees to provide details of their progress from their respective free apps, having a tutor keep you up to date will highlight what areas need to be worked on more when it comes to corporate language training. 


How Everywhere English Can Help Your Team and Corporate Training

Practice makes perfect! 

We all need some flexibility in our lives, and free apps allow us to be as flexible with language learning as possible. However, to obtain high-level language skills, corporate training is required. Everywhere English is here to help you and your employees reach your linguistic goals. Free apps can offer language learning at any time and from anywhere in the world, and we can provide the same through our English language courses. At Everywhere English, we consider your needs and work around your schedule, giving you and your employees as much flexibility as possible. 

We are a business English-focused company and we will work with you to reach your goals. Whether you are a manufacturing business or a technology company, Everywhere English will tailor lessons to your industry needs. 

Your progress is our priority! We will keep track of your employees’ journey and we believe that reaching personal goals is a key factor to reaching a high level of English. 

Book a consultation with us today and take your corporate language training to the next level! 

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Before we leave you go, here’s a quick wrap up of what you should take away with you today. For sure, the use of free language apps is helpful for your employees. It has its linguistic benefits and should be included in their day-to-day language learning. Free apps can however fall short by not being able to replicate that human element needed to be fluent. By providing corporate language training, you can give your employees the boost they need to reach a higher level of fluency! Not to mention increase their confidence and overall company morale. 


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