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Advanced Training for Teachers with English as their Second Language


Tailored one-to-one lessons for those looking to teach English as a professional but finding it difficult to secure a job. Teachers may already have a TEFL/TESOL certificate or not. These unique new classes give teachers the chance to grow their vocabulary and work on accents, as well as help you gain the confidence needed to teach English in the classroom or online. Our amazing Everywhere English tutors will guide you to success!

Students must have a C1 level of English. Not sure if you’re ready? Take the free trial and we will recommend a course for you! Even 5 General English Lessons can help you improve.

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Business English Lessons


Business English lessons with EverywhereEnglish allow you to progress whatever your language aims. Our intensive online courses for business have an effective, professional-based approach to help you with high quality needs. We offer custom-made business courses for individuals working in a company, self-employed individuals as well as Job seekers.

We cover all areas in the business sector including: Negotiation skills, Intercultural communication, Email and letter writing skills, Social English in the business world, Job interviews and CV writing, Telephoning. This course is suited for people seeking Employment, business professionals or any individual looking to improve their business knowledge.

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Employment Preparation and Applications Lessons


Looking to start your new career? Or are you looking for a promotion? With these classes, our industry-led experts will help you with your CV/resume, prepare you for interviews, work on your presentations, and a lot more! At this stage, your English skills should be up to scratch and you only need help with your application.

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Exam Preparation Lessons


The demand for high-level English language skills is increasing every day. Having an English fluency certificate is proof that you have a high-level achievements in English. Everywhere English can offer practice, sample papers, tips and hints in most English certificates including IELTS, Cambridge Certificate, TOEFL and PET. Everywhere English also offers a course preparing for business Examination courses such as BEC and TOEIC.


Free Trial

Free! 25 minutes

Free Trial Lesson with a Qualified English Teacher

Take a free trial lesson with our head teacher to discuss your learning style and your English goals.

  • 30-minute free trial lesson
  • Discuss your learning style
  • Set your English learning goals
  • Create your language training plan
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General English Lessons Premium


This course provides the basic skills for everyday conversational English including building your vocabulary and discussing different topics. However this course also offers to undoubtedly improve your writing, reading, listening and grammar skills. Weekly assignments will be assigned and corrected. Study notes will also be offered. All material provided by Everywhere English. This course aims to improve all areas of your English.

Teaching Young Learners

One-to-one Methodologies Lessons, including Teaching Practice


Have you just completed your teaching qualification, but are nervous about entering the classroom? Have you been out of practice for awhile? Or do you hope to move into another niche of English teaching? Our expert teachers will help you go from student to teacher in just a few classes! Everywhere English will help you with teaching methodologies, teaching practice and foreign language lessons.

We can even help you with reference letters and certificates of completion in lieu of experience. Our teachers can tailor the lessons to focus on your goals, whether it’s online teaching, business English, exam preparation or teaching in classrooms with children.

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Start your own Online Business Lessons


Are you ready to go out on your own but don’t know to start? This course is designed for English Teachers who have experience teaching as an employee and are now looking to take the next step. From marketing and promoting yourself to platforms and webpage development, this course will give you the best chance to succeed in growing your own business!

Requirements to enrol in this course must include teaching experience and teacher qualifications. If you do not fit these requirements, try out a free trial and we will suggest the best course for you to start with.

one-to-one tutoring

General Conversational English Lessons


This course offers a strong basis for everyday English communication. We focus on helping students to build there confidence and to feel comfortable talking to a native speaker. We will help you with your vocabulary, discussing different topics and fixing your mistakes in grammar and pronounciation. This course is excellent for those looking to travel and interact with new speakers, moving to a new country or just want to simply improve speaking skills.