How A Corporate Language Solution Improves Staff Retention

It’s true that a healthy turnover rate can boost a company’s success rate, not just in terms of profitability, but in company dynamism, energy, and innovation. However, when turnover rates are too high, it leads to an unstable working environment. In order to improve employee retention rates within a company, it’s a worthwhile venture to invest in a corporate language solution, not just for sole communication purposes, but to strengthen the working environment, enhance opportunities for growth, and facilitate better collaboration. From the company newsletter to monthly meetings, effective communication is the key to a successful business.

Culture & Employee Retention

A common problem with many businesses is a false promise of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Unfortunately, this is often a well-intentioned attraction to the business, that is not actually enacted day-to-day. When a non-native employee feels that their culture is being misunderstood or even ignored, this is a surefire way to increase the likelihood of their resignation from the company. Cultural barriers and differences in social values are a source of unhappiness when there is no solution to break them down. An employee wants to feel a sense of belonging to the team, as well as retaining a certain level of autonomy to be recognised as an individual. By providing a language solution, you are effectively communicating to non-native employees that the company is both interested and invested in their culture and identity as an individual, in order to ultimately welcome them as part of the team. By giving an employee a voice with which they can share their identity, you are promoting a working environment that is not just inclusive, but actively involved in the lives of its employees.

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Collaboration & Employee Retention

It’s no secret that teamwork is essential in a flourishing business. Without teamwork, productivity and innovation take a sharp hit, and efficiency grinds to a halt. Collaboration is crucial in order to produce new ideas, to learn, and to grow. As such, companies must prioritize the facilitation of communication between employees. Not only will this allow for an open line of communication between workers, but it also creates a space for delegation, letting upper management loosen the reins and allow employees to collaborate amongst themselves. Particularly within specific departments, encouraging communication allows members to invent work jargon, such as acronyms or shortened words, or even inside jokes and comments, a common sign of a closely connected team. Investment in a language solution tells employees that management cares about their right to contribute and participate, and that their priority is to give the workforce the tools needed to do so. In addition, the fostering and encouragement of teamwork provides a space for peer-to-peer relationships to grow and develop, creating a work culture that both accepts and involves everyone. 

Growth & Corporate Learning

Any successful business is concerned with the potential for growth and development of its workforce. Not only does providing a language solution help employees flourish in their current role, but it also provides a sturdy springboard from which they can advance their career. As an employee climbs the ranks bolstered by their acquired language skills, they will remain appreciative and loyal to a company which helped them hone that capacity. Of course, this growth moves from the individual to the collective when you have a linguistically equipped team of employees, which can communicate effectively both internally and externally. By boasting a company which actively tackles the employment roadblock of language competence, you can ensure that employee retention will remain high. On the other hand, consider the threat towards growth when there is no language learning solution. Employees, on a base level, will be left unable to express their desires to grow and develop within the company, and they will be uniformed as to what the company expects from them in the future. On a deeper level, this kind of miscommunication leads to stagnancy, frustration and a feeling of inadequacy,, prompting unhappy employees to move somewhere they feel they can really advance. 

Further Training

It’s a common misfortune for businesses to lose employees who feel unsure of, or frustrated about their role. Role conflict or confusion can lead to employees feeling unwelcome, ill-advised, and unproductive. Naturally, everyone wants a part to play, and it’s important that workers feel both valued and respected within their work environment. When training is performed inadequately, loaded with communication errors and lack of clarification, this sets up an unfortunate domino effect. As employees produce ineffective work, this continues as new employees follow by example and led by miscommunication. Being part of a team where each member seems unsure of their role can be extremely discouraging for employees, causing them to seek out a workplace  where they feel truly appreciated and understood. This mistake is avoidable, however, by providing adequate training from the very beginning, and factoring in a language solution so that all employees are on the same page. By contracting a permanent language solution in which workers trust, all further training will be both easier to facilitate, and more enjoyable for the workforce. This kind of investment, both from the employer and employee, allows a stronger sense of connection with management, fostering higher levels of employee retention. 

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Learning English Reduces burnout 

Burnout can occur at any time, but you can be sure that the risk is increased when there are language barriers within a company. Having to think and respond in a language which is not your mother tongue, for 8 hours a day, is no mean feat. Trying to adequately and effectively communicate your thoughts can be extremely trying, and workers are often left feeling discouraged and frustrated. This can lead to employee burnout and a lack of motivation, which eventually leads to higher levels of resignation. Not only that, but this kind of work climate is palatable to new employees, and will discourage company loyalty from the very beginning. In order to reduce burnout and keep morale high, having a corporate language solution in place will help employees to feel motivated and energized at work, as they build up the skills to say what they really want to say, rather than settling for miscommunication and confusion.

Nothing can be achieved without language. Prioritising and fostering communication is the key to any successful business. Having a team with all of its members on the same team is a surefire way to see effective results and maximize productivity. Not only that, but the benefits in morale and atmosphere will be huge. By investing in a corporate language solution, you are inviting new members of staff to enter into a company which cares about their opportunity to both participate and grow. For the current members of staff, you are constantly reminding them that this company is here to facilitate their career advancement and quality of life. Allow your company to reach its full potential and provide your workforce with the opportunity to learn, develop, and prosper.


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