Loving the Variety!

The wonderful thing about teaching online at Everywhere English is the amazing mixture of people I get to meet from countries such as Korea, France, Italy, Spain … and even some people here in Ireland!

The best thing about online learning is that you can take your classes in complete comfort, lying on the sofa in your own home!

We all have our own approaches to studying which is why I offer a FREE 20 minute consultation to new students so that we can formulate an individual plan.

Some of my students are based here in Ireland. If you are living in an English speaking country, but English is not your first language, it can be a joy to set up a one-to-one class which you can enjoy in your spare time.

One of our students enjoys a one hour lesson via Skype after dropping her children off for piano lessons.

Flexibility is the key to learning English on-line and I will be delighted to set up a programme of classes and a schedule which is tailor-made for YOUR needs!

There is a huge amount of variety in teaching English as a second language, for example the work ethic can be much different in different countries.

And, since qualifying as an English teacher, I have experience of working in language schools in Turkey, Germany, Canada, Malta, and here in Ireland.

Now I’m delighted to be setting up my own school, Everywhere English, right here on the Net.

And I’m hoping to look after your needs in learning or improving your English.

Why not give me a call today? The first class is free and I offer a wide variety of courses.


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