Learn English in 3 months

Lots of us learn English for several different reasons. We all have a different motivation. Whether you want to change careers, earn a little more money, travel the world or emigrate to another country.

While learning a new language can be exciting it is also very challenging. What if we told you that you could learn English in just 3 months? Would you believe us? Keep reading and discover how you can learn English in under 3 months.


1. Set goals and milestones (and stick to them!)

When you want to learn English in a short space of time, keeping track of your progress is essential.

You must first establish why you are studying English and define success and “language fluency” for yourself. Your personal definition might be something like this: “I need to learn English in order to get a visa.” Alternatively, “I need to improve my English in order to apply for this job or change my career.”

Then, based on what you need to learn to attain your ultimate goal, you should develop study goals and plans. It is pointless to learn terminology that will not be relevant in the context in which you wish to speak English.

Fluency does not imply that you know everything, but rather that you can conduct fluid discussions and understand what others are saying.


2. Understand Basic English Grammar

Imagine trying to bake a chocolate cake with chocolate but with no flour, sugar or eggs. How would the cake stick together? It’s not going to happen. It would shatter into a million pieces.

That’s how it feels to speak English without knowing good grammar. Fluency takes a lot of effort, but if you’re devoted enough, you can achieve it in a small space of time.

Everywhere English lessons are a brilliant way to learn English in three months because it teaches you the ins and outs of English grammar, allows you to start practicing speaking with qualified tutors, and teaches you how to construct sentences.

It’s also crucial to learn how to construct sentences. Many popular language applications have a lot of vocabulary, but they don’t always explain how to apply it in different situations or how it’s generated.


3. Maintain relevance in your practice

To feel comfortable speaking in English effectively and efficiently, you need to ask yourself: why am I learning English? What vocabulary and phrases will I need to master?

For the majority of English learners, the goals are to speak conversationally to native English speakers, perhaps through work. This means that you don’t need to know Shakespearean language or Ye Olde English. You will need to focus on the basics and then industry specific vocabulary.

Once you are signed up to the Business English lessons provided by Everywhere English teachers, you will get matched up with an industry expert during your Needs Analysis Lesson. This means if you are within the Science sector, for instance, you will be assigned a teacher who is educated in this genre.


4. Online Lessons with English Teachers

We can read and memorize for months on end and feel like we are getting nowhere. The quickest way to pick up a new language is by practicing your skills. By talking out loud with a stranger, you feel it’s okay if you make mistakes, rather than friends. You have their full attention for the lesson and will be given correct and full corrections throughout. This means that you won’t be making the same mistakes over and over again without anyone correcting you.

Getting lessons from a qualified teacher, rather than a normal native English speaker, such as other companies may do, means that you will always get correct and accurate information. Many nationalities of English speaking countries have different errors within the language, which means you may get someone who doesn’t quite know whether to use present continuous or present perfect, and you’ll end up picking up their mistakes. English is a complicated language and even native speakers get it wrong sometimes!


5. Watch your Favourite Shows and Movies in English

We all have that series or movie that we know the words off by heart! By using your spare time to re-watch these but in English, you will pick up common phrases and idioms used in it.

They are also all talking (or singing if you like musicals!) at native level speed. When teachers and others talk to you, they will automatically slow their speech down to help you understand, but when they turn their attention to another colleague or friend who is also English speaking, you will get lost in the conversation. This is why watching television in English is so helpful! It will not slow down for you and they will use more conjunctions in their speech. You will definitely be sounding more and more fluent after watching 10 seasons of Friends!


6. Develop a Learning Methodology

Everybody learns differently and the best learning method for you may not be the same for someone else. This is an essential part of learning and should be done at the start of your studies.

Not everybody knows this and sometimes it can be quite hard to figure out. Sit yourself down and talk with your teacher on how best you learn. Do you find learning the lyrics of songs easy to do? If so, you are most likely best at listening and repeating. If you are not sure, your teacher will try a few methods with you and then you will decide together the best plan of action.


7. Don’t Stress on the Little Things

English grammar is tedious and we have seven different tenses. Non-native English speakers find it very hard to wrap their heads around this. If you have 3 months to learn a new language, get the basics down and move on to expand your vocabulary. The ins and outs of grammar are not extremely important as English speakers will understand you.

If you are learning English for a work event or speech in 3 months time, try practicing and focusing on the tenses that appear in your speech and work on this with your teacher.

Learning a new language in 3 months is not impossible and with the steps above, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before! Don’t forget to let your teacher know the timeframe you have and the goals you’d like to achieve within this time.


If you are up for the challenge, book a free trial with us today and start your journey.


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